In Search of the Miraculous by P D Ouspensky...Foreward
In Search of the Miraculous by P D Ouspensky...A moment in time
The Red Book, A Readers Edition by C G Jung...Legacy of Beyond


The Red Book, A Readers Edition by C G Jung...The Anchorite

The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education by Katherine Evans, Dorothy Vaandering
An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavsky...Inspiration
The Self Confidence Workbook by Barbara Markway PhD, Celia Ampel...Mia


Notes on Directing by Frank Hauser and Russell Reich...Actors


Voice samples — Sapiens; A Brief History of Mankind, excerpt Waterloo: excerpt

My thanks to Yuval Noah Harari and Bernard Cornwell "It's a beautiful reading"


If you bought Jung and hate the footnotes. Listen again to your audible library. They have gone. What a good listen it is now.

Mike's recent work

Audiobook; In Search of the Miraculous, PD Ouspensky's magical journey with G I Gurdjieff
Animated Feature; Colliding Tales by Eric Rivernight; voice of The Psychologist
Audiobook; The RED BOOK, by C G Jung A Readers (listeners) edition
Audiobook; An Actor Prepares, by Constantin Stanislavski
40Authors Podcast Intro; Klug Publishing Group
Audiobook; Notes on Directing, by Frank Hauser and Russell Reich
Audiobook; The Self-Confidence Workbook, by Barbara Markway
Audiobook; The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education, by Dorothy Vaandering and Katherine Evans
Commercials; Filter Forge Effects/Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands/Planet Hexbug

Coming Soon

Audiobook; Sources of Power,How People Make Decisions, (The MIT Press) By Gary A Klein
Narrator; 110-minute documentary feature, Title TBA

Say unto others...

Thanks, as always, for your incredible dedication and attention to detail. You are a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue this partnership for many audiobooks to come!

- Addie Mahdavi, Echo Point Books and Media LLC

"Very professional and easy to work with. Great result. I'm thrilled to have your voice for our project. Everything about it perfectly matches the creative concept we had discussed..”

- Steve Schoenhoff

"When hiring Mike, I immediately noticed the care and passion he put towards the project. It’s people like him I make an effort to work with again because the attitude on a project is just as important as the talent. Thankfully, Mike has both.” - Jadon Barnes. "Amazing. Hope to work with you again soon on our next video"- Jane Gubaskaya

“We had the pleasure of working with Mike Fraser as VO talent for a commercial spot with very specific timing and tonal needs. Fraser gave multiple versions, delivered everything on (or before!) schedule, and was a joy to work with. We’ll definitely work with him again.”

Filter Forge Effects

Voice Over — Mike Fraser

Motion Graphics & Editing — Jadon Barnes

Harry Potter Training Wands

Voice Over for Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands campaign

Jakks Pacific (2018)

Colliding Tales, 88 minute animation

Voice Over — Mike Fraser as Psychologist

A story of a cure to save mankind by Eric Rivernight

Latest Planet HEXBUG commercial

Voice Over for Planet Hexbug 15 sec Scorpio Micro-ant campaign 2019

"Thank you again for all your great work"




Promos— from £150

Commercials— from £200.00

Usage fees —from £25 * (Stn+Tag+Qtr)


Bumpers/Promos/Cont    from £150.00

Commercials                       from £200.00

Usage      Let's go to and talk!



Non-Fiction—£250 per finished recorded hour, edited, noise-free, proofed and mastered to ACX requirements

Fiction—let’s discuss! (no. of characters, how they are portrayed, research, nuances etc,)

Corporate,  Medical, Industrial, Training, Presentations

Up to first 5 minutes—£250

For each additional minute or part thereof—£15 

Longer than 30 minutes—let’s discuss!

E-Learning, Educational

IVR     (Menu systems)    from £5 p/wd, sliding scale

E-Learning                         from £200.00


Commercials, Explainers, Videos, You Tube, Presentations


Internet Radio, Podcasts, 

 from £250.00

Usage fees—let’s talk!

Documentary narration

£25.00 per finished recorded minute. Minimum charge 10 minutes.

Recorded and mastered in my studio. Please contact me to discuss.


If in doubt and/or for help with the budget, please ring me on +44 (0) 7970 985 602

Above minimum rates INCLUDE ;

recording, editing, mastering, quality control, proofing in my studio

research and prepping of the script (pronunciation of unusual or generic names etc.)

agreed fee will be renegotiated if script changes are made after acceptance and approval of initial recording.

I will always try and meet your budget in the hope that you value my voice and continuing service

My priority is to satisfy your requirements.


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My Home Studio is equipped with;

Lewitt LCT 440 Pure 1” true condenser cardioid microphone

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface

Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop PC with an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, re-fitted with 1 terabyte SSD, updated BIOS and Windows 10

Adobe Audition Waveform and Multi-Track software

My Voice

My dedication in satisfying your voice-over requirements

                                          Music consultant Dr Gavin Lockley, and thanks to Graham Bartholomew, Naxos


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  1. REPLACE carbon-based fuels for all vehicles land, sea, and air.
  2. OFF-SET de-forestation by expanding current technology to reduce Carbon Dioxide
  3. REPLACE existing coal-powered stations, wherever  possible, with renewable energy
  4. REVERSE intensive farming of cattle


                      BY 2030


Let’s save the planet first. Name and shame may come later.